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All Along the Watchtower." Plot and pencils by Rob Liefeld, script by Eric Stephenson, inks by Norm Rapmund. Liefeld/Rapmund cover. ? THE SCOOP: Rob Liefeld jumps on for a two-part tale?and he's brought Deadpool with him! ? THE STORY: A price has been placed on Wolverine's head?and Deadpool aims to collect! But there is more than a pay day at play for the Merc With The Mouth! For even Wade Wilson holds something dear?and it hangs in the balance! His contractors are known only as the Watchtower. But who?or what?are they? How do they plan to covertly eradicate Homo Superior? And why have they set their sights on the Canadian X-Man? Plus: The introduction of a major new player in the human/mutant war! It's claws, guns, new characters, mystery and mayhem as you like it! ? THE FORMAT: 32 pages, with ads. Cover price $2.25.