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Scott Snyder reunites the World s Greatest Heroes for epic journeys to Hawkworld and The Sixth Dimension in the second deluxe edition hardcover of the superstar writer s Justice League run! Martian Manhunter, John Stewart, and Hawkgirl take a trip to Thanagar-Prime, as J onn looks to tap into the ancient Martian mental database, Green Lantern struggles while practicing his new UV powers, and Kendra searches for answers about her connection to the Totality. Then, the Justice League has the map to the Sixth Dimension in hand the key to saving the Multiverse from utter destruction! But with Superman trapped on a world with no light and hundreds of dead Supermen, Lex Luthor s Legion of Doom is poised for victory. The final form of Perpetua takes shape, and the DCU will never be the same again! Collects Justice League #14-25 and Annual #1.