THIS INSPIRATIONAL 3D HALO GREEN LANTERN WALL LIGHT will bring the Aura of ring that gives superpower to fight evil into any room with this stylish and highly collectible illuminated green lantern sign. AUTHENTIC FAN ART: The classic emblem against a vibrant green edge glow symbolizes the two parallel lines being separated by the ring in between is a clear example of willpower can be mounted or hung on a wall. The brightness can be adjusted with an included detachable dimmer so you can get the perfect hue for any room. HIGH QUALITY: Made to the highest quality, Green Lantern sign is illuminated against a luminous green backdrop to give neon like vibrancy to the contrasting green hues, achieved by using the best Embedded High Durability LEDs and our revolutionary and industry leading Slimline Construction with Solid Acrylic Layering techniques (PMMA). WALL MOUNT OR HANG: It can be mounted or hung on a wall through loop plates built onto the back of the light. POWER ADAPTER: Wall Plug-in type, 110-230v, 50-60hz, output 12V DC, 1.5A. Energy Use 18Watts. 5ft Power Adapter Cable + 14ft connection cable. Energy Efficient - Non-Fragile - Long Lifespan Please Note: This product uses a power adapter meant for domestic (USA) standard outlets only and is hazardous to plug into international outlets or converters. For outside North America contact Order 2 or more and receive an extra 5% discount.