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Two Belfast comic book store owners must navigate their way across continents in extreme conditions to the Comic Book Mecca-New York Comic Con! Armed with only their razor-sharp wit and a few priceless store props, they must use their unique set of skills to stop an Armageddon of monstrous proportions the only way they know how-comic book style! With battle lines drawn in a high stakes game of deadly destruction, the store owners must face their greatest challenge yet. Throw in a bear with attitude, some bloodthirsty ghouls and a fanatical scientist, hell-bent on a new world order, the scene is set for murder and mayhem in the city that never sleeps and where you only get one bite of the Big Apple! Will they be able to stop the mad scientist's nefarious plans, save the world and make it back home? Find out in the most thrilling comic book event of the year!