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A drag queen initiates her prot g e into the magical arts in this phantasmagoric epic, the first novel from legendary comics writer and New York Times-bestselling author Grant Morrison. Luci LaBang is a star: For decades this flamboyant drag artist has cast a spell over screen and stage. Now she's the leading lady in a smash hit musical. But as time takes its toll, Luci fears her star is beginning to dim. When Luci's co-star meets with a mysterious accident, a new ingenue shimmers onto the scene: Luda, whose fantastical beauty and sinister charm infatuate Luci immediately... and who bears a striking resemblance to Luci herself at a much younger age. Luda begs Luci to share the secrets of her stardom and to reveal the hidden tricks of her trade. For Luci LaBang is a mistress of the Glamour, a mysterious discipline that draws on sex, drugs, and the occult for its trancelike, transformative effects. But as Luci tutors her young prot g e, she wonders if Luda has mastered the Glamour all too well... and exploited it to achieve her dark ambitions.