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NOW MONTHLY "Adventures of Slash Moron" (Dave Heeley, Sinclair Elliott, Hal Laren): Slash Moron, all-around hero and dimwit, zooms into outer space with Professor Essor, Gale Goodbody and the robot. Incredible adventures await them on a strange planet ruled by the evil Emperor Klutchmong. "Lords of the Cosmos: A Gathering Storm" (Dennis Fallon, Jason Palmatier, Zach Snyder, Dave Sharpe): Disciples of Umex members Cycorn and Pustulance pursue Aviteus as the great eagle travels to warn the Lords of the Cosmos at their mountain base. As poison saps the feathered warrior's strength, an ancient member of the Lords of the Cosmos intercedes. "Division 77" (Dave Heeley, Sinclair Elliott, Gary Burley): All seemed lost as the virus raged across the Earth. Then the Grakon arrived, promising a cure as long as Earth's bravest and brightest would fight for them in their wars. A millennium later, the cyborg troops of Division 77 continue to leave chaos and death in their wake. All hope of regaining their humanity is lost, or is it? "Lords of the Cosmos: Bug with a Shotgun" (Dennis Fallon, Jason Palmatier, Zach Snyder, Dave Sharpe): On the body of the great Godwing, the primitive civilization of the Waspulans is under siege by raiders under command of the evil Umex. Outclassed by modern weapons, one Warwasp turns the tide by picking up a shotgun and taking the fight to Umex's brigands