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Product Description

Fans can collect these impressive 6-inch scale Marvel Legends Series figures, featuring fan-favorite characters from the hit film Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War! Each figure features extensive articulation, detailed sculpting and deco, and each comes with a piece of a large Build-A-Figure! Collect all figures in this wave to complete the Build-A-Figure.

Product Features

  • 6 inch scale
  • Extensive articulation
  • Detailed sculpting and deco
  • Each figure includes an accessory and a Build-A-Figure component
  • Featuring characters from Captain America: Civil War

Box Contents

  • Secret War Captain America
    • Right arm of Abomination BAF
    • Shield accessory
  • Iron Skull
    • Left leg of Abomination BAF
    • Alternate head
  • Energized Emissaries Version 1
    • Left arm of Abomination BAF
  • Marvels Eel
    • Torso of Abomination BAF
    • Alternate hands
  • Energized Emissaries Version 2
    • Right leg of Abomination BAF
    • Alternate hands
  • Scarlet Witch 
    • Head of Abomination BAF
    • Magic effects