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A multidimensional vortex has opened across the galaxy! Heroes and Monsters alike are drawn to it! Once they enter this portal, their bone structure transforms, adapting to the atmosphere. The battle for planetary dominance has begun! Who will be victorious?

DEATH LORD (Ruler Of The Games) watches on as FLEXZOR defeats the mighty GRIZZLEWOLF! The game master stands up and walks to the arena. He picks up an energy weapon and shield from a fallen warrior. FLEXZOR prepares for combat! Will he fall to the might of DEATH LORD? OR will he be victorious? Only you can decide!

* Zoloworld Fully Bendable Action Figure Body
* Interchangeable Head
* Removable Armor
* Clip - On Shield & Energy Weapon
* Full Artwork Card Scott West / Faccone
* Limited Edition Collectible Figure