Get ready for an exclusive sneak peek into the all-new Sweet Valley Twins: Teacher's Pet! It's Elizabeth's turn in the spotlight... but does Jessica deserve it more? The Wakefield twins return in this graphic novel adaptation of the New York Times best-selling Sweet Valley Twins! Jessica knows she's the better dancer - but their teacher only seems to have eyes for her sister Elizabeth! No matter how hard or perfectly she dances she's not getting recognized - which becomes a huge problem when it becomes clear that her sister is going to get the main role of Swanilda instead of her. Even worse, Elizabeth refuses to believe that their teacher is favoring her! With Jessica's attitude rapidly souring and Elizabeth slowly realizing that Jessica might actually be right, will they be able to find a way to get Jessica her leading role? Francine Pascal's beloved Sweet Valley Twins series continues with Claudia Aguirre offering her fresh and modern artwork just right for today's contemporary middle-grade graphic novel. Preview material Rating: All-Ages