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Having fulfilled her role of in Vengeance, Vampirella is now posed to Strike in an all-new series arising from the post-apocalyptic ashes of Dynamite's Vengeance of Vampirella series! It has been fifteen years since the death of Mistress Nyx and the world in slowly recovering, but this isn't a world that we've ever seen before. This is a world where the natural, and the supernatural have merged to create a dangerous new place-A world very much in need of Vampirella. The murders in Sepulcher City continue and the streets of the Menagerie flow red with the blood of the innocent. Who is this savage killer and is it possible that he serves a master older than recorded history? Vampirella and the werewolf, Dagwood, are closing in on the mystery, and the killer is closing in on them. Enter the world of Vampirella Strikes under a series of amazing artist by returning superstars Lucio Parillo, Stephen Segovia, Jonathan Lau Jung-Geun Yoon, and another stunning cosplay cover - featuring Dizzy Ms. Lizzyy as Vampirella!