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John Stewart - architect, U.S. Marine veteran, intergalactic guardian, and hero. After his service in the Marines, John Stewart was selected by the Guardians to be inducted into the Green Lantern Corps, bear the power ring, and protect Sector 2814 where his home planet, Earth, is located. An active member of the Justice League, Stewart stands along side the other great heroes of the DC Universe to uphold justice and protect his planet, sector, and fellow man against the powers of evil.

Intergalactic guardian of Sector 2814, John Stewart, is presented in his Green Lantern Corps uniform - intricately detailed and featuring a 3D chest insignia. Included is a real light-up Power Battery lantern as used by the Green Lantern Corps to recharge their power rings. Activate the light-up feature by placing the right fisted hand in the recess of the lantern. Outfitted with wrist guantlets, combat gloves, and mid-calf boots, John Stewart is ready to take on any threat. 

The Green Lantern John Stewart One:12 Collective Action Figure features:
2x head portraits
1x pair of fists (L&R)
1x pair of posing hands (L&R)
1x pair of flying hands (L&R)
1x lantern holding hand (L)
1x smoking ring effect hand (R)
1x star ring effect hand (R)
1x blast ring effect hand (R)
1x shield ring effect hand (R)
1x Power Battery with ring activated light-up function
1x Energy Ball FX