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A dark entity said to have powers of a GOD! Legend has it, he was spawned from raw evil and cannot be killed. Under his dark hood is said to be a mangled skull riddled with pits and cracks. His armor and axe.. covered in blood! It was also said that he slaughtered entire villages to find warrior champions... This is only legend, as he only leaves headless corpses in his path..

Grym Comes with:

*Zoloworld Interchangeable Body
* Interchangeable head (Sculpt Joe Amato)
* Interchangeable 2nd Head
* Cloth Hood
* Blood Spattered Armor
* Blood Covered Axe
* Metal Chains
* Backer Card Art By The Legendary Neal Adams
* Card back panel art by Faccone
* Mini Comics interior artwork By (Campana, Danbrenus, Thielen, Faccone, Zolotorow