Product Description

Join the battle to protect the galaxy with the Marvel Legends Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 series!

This set of 7 includes Rocket Raccoon, Star-Lord Nebula, Gamora, Death's Head II, Adam Warlock, and Ex Nihilo as articulated figures. Included with most of the figures is Build-A-Figure piece to create Mantis!

Product Features

  • 6 inches (15.24cm)
  • From the Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 movie
  • Highly articulated
  • Movie-inspired details
  • Weapons, accessories and a Build-A-Figure Mantis piece are included with most figures

Box Contents

  • Rocket Raccoon figure
    • Groot figure
    • Alternate head
    • 2 Pistols
    • Build-A-Figure Mantis torso
  • Star-Lord figure
    • 2 Blaster weapons
    • Build-A-Figure Mantis right arm
  • Nebula figure
    • Gun
    • Alternate metal claw hand
    • Build-A-Figure Mantis left leg
  • Gamora figure
    • Sword
    • Rifle
    • Build-A-Figure Mantis right leg 
  • Death's Head II figure
    • Alternate right hand
  • Adam Warlock figure
    • Alternate head
    • Blast effect parts
    • Mantis Build-A-Figure head
  • Ex Nihilo figure
    • Build-A-Figure Mantis left arm