Sunando is a comic artist and illustrator based in Bangalore, India who has publishing credits with Vault Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse, Comixology, Black Mask Studios, and more. From Louis Southard, and artist Dean Kotz (The Butcher of Paris, Krampus, Warlord of Mars Attacks) comes this oversized limited series that's the bastard child of a Philip Marlowe and Hunter S. Thomson novel. It's 1967 in Sterling City, and private investigator Jack Atlas has been hired to solve a very important case. Unfortunately for him, he doesn't remember anything about it! After a night of drinking turned into a blank slate, Jack must put together what exactly he's gotten himself into before he ends up in a world of trouble. With the help of his best friend and lawyer Casper Fitzpatrick, the duo must embark on the misadventure of a lifetime.