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A multidimensional vortex has opened across the galaxy! Heroes and Monsters alike are drawn to it! Once they enter this portal, their bone structure transforms, adapting to the atmosphere. The battle for planetary dominance has begun! Who will be victorious? KOSMIC KRYSIS enters the vortex and it teleports him into a combat arena from across the galaxy. This world is unlike anything he has seen.. The atmosphere is toxic and constant explosions are heard around him. His bone structure contorts adjusting to the elements. Is he ready for combat? The answer is within your GRASP!

KOSMIC KRY-SIS Comes with:

* Zoloworld Fully Bendable Action Figure Body
* Interchangeable Head
* Removable Armor
* Clip - On Shield & Energy Weapon
* Full Artwork Card Scott West / Faccone
* Limited Edition Collectible Figure