Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the comic shop... For over three decades, Madballs and GPK have both been known as the "grossest of the gross," co-ruling counterculture with their pun-heavy names and subversive humor. This all-new limited series event features the first time these two delightfully crude forces have ever met! Your freaky favorites, the Madballs and Gar- bage Pail Kids, are at it again. But this time, the chaos can't be confined to a single neigh- borhood as we trace the entire history of Mad- balls-GPK feud bursting (and oozing) out across the ages! In this final issue: The space race is on-in a flurry of slingshots, fireworks, and giant bat wings, as the Madballs and GPK take to the skies in a mad dash to beat each other to the Moon! Plus: In the far future, Earth is a high- tech utopia where peace reigns and everything is in its place. That is, until archaeologists uncover the still-feuding Madballs and GPK-who bring a much-needed bit of anarchy to an all-too-quiet-and-predictable world. Written by Sholly Fisch, each issue features three incredible covers: Legendary Garbage Pail Kids artist Joe Simko, series artist Jason Crosby and a special Ken Haeser Vintage Fight Poster, created especially for this momentous meeting of the (depraved) minds!