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The media calls it the Pacific Flu. The CDC calls it H7D3, and it spreads like wildfire. The virus combines the worst symptoms of Rabies and the common Flu, and is suspected to be man-made. The first reports of feral, cannibalistic "zombie-like" symptoms were met with disbelief and skeptical amusement, but nobody's laughing now. Scientists, backed by the world's governments and its wealthiest institutions, race against the clock to develop a cure as infections rise and cities fall. A glimmer of hope appears as a vaccine is discovered, but its production requires harvesting the spinal tissue of the infected, a grim task that tests the limits of human morality. In the first days of the outbreak, a college history professor receives a cryptic warning from a trusted source. Its baffling, yet unmistakable message translates as: "PACK UP, GET OUT, AND GO NOW!" Steve Smith and his family don't waste any time; they leave their normal, comfortable lives behind to get ahead of the inevitable panic and survive the end of the world!