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The Extinctioners" (Shawntae Howard, Malcolm Earl), "Robot Sex" (John Holland, Roban Gubskii), "Shaman Kane: The Arcadia Incident" (David Broughton). "The Extinctioners" (Shawntae Howard, Malcolm Earl): Katherine Fela had hoped for an exciting birthday, but when aliens descend on her home town to kidnap her and her boyfriend, things get TOO exciting! Will the things that make her special lead to the destruction of her whole world? "Robot Sex" (John Holland, Roban Gubskii): Laveau and Barney finally arrive in New Orleans, first to visit an old friend and owner of a robot parts store for Barney's annual physical. Along the way, they are waylaid by a robot-worshipping human with news of a rally for the Metal. (John Holland, Roban Gubskii), "Shaman Kane: The Arcadia Incident" (David Broughton): Banished from the Shaman order, Kane decides to start a new life at the frontier worlds of the Galactic Rim. He and Shaman Jane Rain find themselves in a fight for survival against the Necro-Sharks, a band of terrifying Zombie space pirates.